United Healthcare LAP-BAND

Does United Healthcare Cover LAP-BAND Surgery?

United HealthCare will cover your LAP-BAND Surgery as long as your insurance plan's requirements for bariatric surgery are met. Each United Healthcare insurance policy can vary on what weight management or bariatric and gastric surgery expenses are covered or excluded, so it may be easier to have our LAP-BAND Insurance Coordinators verify your United Healthcare LAP-BAND Surgery coverage for you. Simply give us a call at 800-561-9000, or fill out our FREE LAP-BAND Insurance Verification Form. Verifying your LAP-BAND coverage is hassle-free with no obligation. Even if you don't meet your insurance policy's requirements, we can send a letter of medical necessity, request an individual need assessment and help you through the appeal process if necessary.

United Healthcare LAP-BAND Coverage

Every person is different, and so is each insurance plan; United Healthcare of California’s LAP-BAND Coverage and pre-approval requirements vary with every insurance policy and potential patient. A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or greater along with a written letter detailing all prior attempts at weight loss programs, including diet and exercise, over the last 5 years may be required by United Healthcare prior to covering any bariatric procedure. You may also be required to undergo a 6 month supervised diet (nutrition evaluation) and a psychiatric evaluation prior to qualifying for United Healthcare’s LAP-BAND Coverage in New York. If Your BMI is below 40, United Healthcare will also consider all medical issues and problems related to your weight prior to authorizing coverage of your LAP-BAND Surgery.

United Healthcare LAP-BAND Requirements

You may automatically pre-qualify for United Healthcare LAP-BAND Surgery Coverage if:

  • You have a BMI of 40 (about 100 pounds or more above your ideal weight for your height), or
  • You have a Body Mass Index of 35 or greater and suffer from medical problems associated with obesity such as cardiovascular disease, mechanical arthropathy, lower extremity lymphatic or venous obstruction, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, severe obstructive sleep apnea, coronary artery disease or pulmonary hypertension.
  • You have been overweight for at least five years, with provided documentation,
  • You consent to a 1 to 6 month supervised nutrition program.

Want to know if your policy with United Healthcare Insurance has LAP-BAND Surgery benefits? Please call us at 800-561-9000, or fill out our FREE, No Obligation LAP-BAND United Healthcare Insurance Verification Form and we will verify your United Healthcare coverage for you.

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